2011 Theme: "Blessed Are Those Who Do Not Have it All Together:
                           Spirituality for Everyone"

Our theme for 2011 will be designed to address some of the pitfalls that we encounter in the spiritual journey.  While expectations are part of life, many of us are burdened with unrealistic expectations about ourselves, our families, our careers, and even our faith. We often feel that we don't "measure up" to the expectations of the Gospel, and then lose heart. We serve as judge, jury and jailer for ourselves and sometimes others.

Yet when we look at the message of the Gospel, we find that our Lord has considerably less patience with those who think that they have it all together than with those who struggle with their shortcomings. The Gospels reveal that Jesus reached out to those in need, to those who were struggling with life, those who had been given short shrift by society.
Recall the story of the "Pharisee and the Tax Collector", Luke 18:10-14, or the many encounters that Jesus has with tax collectors and sinners.

Conference 1:  Blessed are Those Who Do Not Have it All Together
Conference 2:  Blessed are Those Who Are Not in Control
Conference 3:  Blessed are the Open Hearted
Conference 4: 
Blessed are the Peacemakers

Through the retreat conferences, prayer experiences, and liturgies, we hope to come to a deeper appreciation for what our Lord calls us to as disciples. Our retreat will examine some of the obstacles to a healthy spirituality, such as perfectionism and intolerance. We will be invited to embrace some of the virtues of a nurturing spirituality, such as humility, gratitude and forgiveness.


        Father Howard's Homilies
         4th Week of Lent 2013

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